Can I use these activities on a tablet? These activities are links to educational websites and therefore best played on a desktop computer or laptop. They are not apps.

Why do you not include apps? We believe that for educational use at home or nursery, children should be allowed to explore other technology, and not just tablets. Our links provide an opportunity for children to use a computer or laptop to support their learning. They will get to know how to use a mouse and to click, click and drag and double click. These are essential skills to learn for when they start school.

Some of these activities require Flash? Yes there are few web links that require Adobe Flash in order to work. You should be able to enable this on your browser. Most browsers will stop supporting Flash after December this year and we hope that the sites will update their servers so their sites will still function. If not, we will delete these sites and replace them with alternative sites.

Where can I buy a good computer mouse for my child to use at home? You can buy a good wireless mouse on Amazon. Click on the pic for the link.

How do I unsubscribe? Go to log in and then My Account. Click on unsubscribe and you will be automatically removed at the end of the month that you have paid for.

How often will activities be updated? We will be regularly updating activities once a month.

How do I enrol in Click IT! lessons at my child’s nursery? Please go to our Click IT! Website.

How do I know what activities are suitable for my child? We have grouped the activities by level. You can read our levels guide to find out what level you child might be on.

Will you take any of the activities away? If we feel an activity isn’t working correctly we will remove it. All activities will remain on the site as new ones are added. They may have to be moved onto another page so that the website doesn’t become too cluttered.

I’ve seen a great website for kids, can I tell you about it? Yes please we would love to hear from you!

I don’t have an internet connection, can I still access the activities? You will need an internet connection to access the activities. If you have a mobile phone there may be a way you can tether your phone to your computer for internet access.

I’m worried that my child will click on something they shouldn’t – you should always be supervising your child when they are using these activities to make sure that they stay within the activity and don’t wander off onto other pages which may have inappropriate content. Please also make sure you have your computer set up with parental controls, these can be found in our article on internet safety in the parent’s section. In the tooltips on each activity we will specify if there are ads on the page that you should be extra aware of. 

How long should my child spend working on these activities? You should limit the amount of time that your young child spends in front of a screen. No child under the age of 2 should have screen time. You should try and limit screen time for other ages to a maximum time of 1 hour.

Should I help my child with the activities? This is the perfect time for you to get involved and interact with your child. Take the time out to explore together!

What will my child be learning from these activities? We have made sure that all of these activities are educational so they will be learning about a range of different subjects all linked to the EYFS curriculum.

Should my child just free play or do the activities in a certain order? You can do either. We would recommend that you explore the programmes together and when they are familiar with the activities they can go back and try the activity independently. Always choose a level within your child’s limit. We find that if something is too easy, they lose interest and if something is too hard then they give up. So pitch it at the right level for them.

My child really struggles with numbers and letters. Can you help? Yes with the activities we feature, you can select by subject so that your child can work on the areas of the curriculum they need help with.