Activities by levels

Levels explained

If your child is having Click IT! lessons with us at their nursery – they will know all about our little BYTES and which level they are following. Levels range from a Minibyte up to Brontobyte+. Now they can complete activities which are at the right level for them.

If your child is new to Click IT!, don’t worry, just pick the level closest to the age range suggested (they are just a guide). Your child can also browse the activities at a different level if they want to try and easier activity or a more challenging one.

Click on the images below to find out more info about your child’s level.

Level 1 – Age 2+
Level 4 – Age 3-4
Level 7 – Age 4-5+
Level 2 – Age 2-3
Level 5 – Age 4
Level 3 – Age 3
Level 6 – Age 4-5