How to use this website

We hope you and your child enjoy these educational activities.

How to decide on an activity
We have grouped the activities by subject and level so whether you are new to Click IT! or your child attends one of our computer clubs in nursery school, it should be easy to find your way around. 

How to find out what the activity is about
If you want to find out more about an activity before deciding which ones to view, you can just hover your cursor over the picture and a pop up bubble will appear.

How to access the activities at home
When your child is using this website, we recommend that they do so on a computer or laptop with a mouse and keyboard. This allows them to practice using a mouse for hand/eye co-ordination and learning important skills such as click, click and drag and double clicking. They an also use a touchscreen. All helping prepare them for school.

Some of these activities can be accessed via a tablet, but for the best user experience, a computer or laptop is preferable.

Supervision at home
Please note that when you click on an activity, it will open up a new browser window linking to an external site. We have tried to ensure that these sites have limited advertising and pop ups but some may have them and we have tried to specify this in the help bubbles.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that for internet safety and to have the best experience during your visit, you supervise your child when using this site.

New activities will be added regularly and don’t forget to check out ‘Our Favourites’ page.